This essay is disscussing the aftermath of the American Revolution.

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A New World, With an Old Beginning

. Once the American Revolution was won, questions of how to unite the colonies and make sure each individual had received the rights that they had fought for. With dreams of "liberty and Justice for all" only proves that America had a long way to go until they would fulfill this statement. The American Revolution was the start of a great country, although the extent of change is not that drastic, and surprisingly appears to not have had that radical of a change on the people and their equality. Although social equality was nearing, there was an extremely low impact of rights for women and African Americans, it is clear that the radical revolutionary government still had a far way to go to reach their dream.

In an effort to create equality, the need to break the social classes up began; states came up with laws that abolished primogeniture and entail.

It was not necessarily that affective as a real social practice, but as a symbolic stride towards equality. Also, states began to confront the issue of the rights to vote. Many states lowered the property requirements for voting, and some states such as Georgia and Pennsylvania actually went as far as to allow any white taxpaying male to vote. This created much optimism, that America would truly be Republican Government, and that all men would be equal. Of course all men, only includes white males, which brings up the issue of if this is a just country, than why are women and African Americans not apart of this movement for equality?

Although America's goal was to reach equality for all, it is clear that women were left out of this radical plan. There was an insignificant amount of better treatment for...