This essay is about how a divorce is, in some cases, better than the couple staying together.

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To Divorce, or Not To Divorce?

Divorce can affect a family more positively in the long run than if a couple stayed unhappily married. Children normally respond very negatively to their parents separating, but if a couple decides to stick together for their child's sake, the negative atmosphere surrounding the child could scar him or her forever. For the adults, a separation hurts, but most people realize the necessity of the situation. If two people stay together for the wrong reasons, their lives would constantly consist of trying to stay out of each other's way in order to stay happy. Divorce tears families apart to create a happier situation.

When contemplating a divorce, the children involved often come to mind first. Many people fear a divorce will hurt a child emotionally and decide to wait until he or she grows up to get separated. They do not realize that a constantly bickering family can hurt children more than if they lived happily with a single parent.

Life with two people who obviously should not live together takes a large emotional toll on a person. True, living with a single parent does have its hardships, but a child can manage better in this environment than if he or she always comes home to a negative atmosphere.

Unhappily married couples often avoid divorce at all costs. Two people will live with each other even though they don't want anything to do with one another, all because they did not look at the consequences of their actions. Eventually they will wear at each other's nerves until one of them snaps and a divorce happens anyway. In extreme cases one might hurt the other out of pure frustration. Not getting a well-needed divorce can prohibit them from finding someone they like.