This essay is about the drug ecstacy and why people use it

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Pure Ecstasy

The use of drugs for recreational purposes has been a popular pastime of many cultures for thousands of years. When narcotics where related to "religious customs and traditions", drug use was not a social problem; it was an accepted part of every day life. (Alecnaviciute) It was not until the 20th century, during the infamous 60's and 70's, that drug usage and addiction became a sociological issue. With the emergence of this time period also came the birth of designer drugs (drugs made without or very little organic content having a more adverse effect upon the user) such as ecstasy, scientifically known as MDMA. The occurrence of teenage ecstasy use has increased because of its rising availability. Also, the chance for teens to get away from their personal dilemmas and peer pressure contribute to teen usage of the drug.

At first ecstasy was very exclusive and could only be found in closed social circles.

Ever since 2000, the availability of MDMA has gone up drastically. (Butterfeild) This fact is proven because seizures of the drug by the Customs Service have increased from 400,000 pills per year to 9.3 million since 1997. (Butterfeild) Ecstasy is sold in pill form, so it is easier to smuggle into the country. (Butterfeild) As MDMA becomes more available for usage, more teens want to use it. (Alecnaviciute) Many of us do not work and are uninterested in school, hence leaving us with plenty of time to fill up. (Alecnaviciute) Who wouldn't want to replace empty boredom with feelings of absolute euphoria and extreme sexual arousal? It's like waving a bloody steak in the face of a ravenous hound. The closer it gets to us, the more we want to grab it. The fact that this jubilation can be obtained through popping one...