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Drug Testing

Many people these days are concerned with drug abuse at school and at the workplace. For this reason, the trend for many businesses and schools has been to test for drugs in applicants and current employees. Drug use has risen sharply over the past few years, and employers believe they need to take more precautions in order to maintain a "safe and reputable workplace" (McAllister).

The employer's first priority is the well being of their company. An accident or mistake by an employee under the influence of drugs could cost lives, create injuries, cost money, and most certainly tarnish the company's reputation. Drug use was the cause of 31 % of all workplace related death this past year. Drugs have been proven to alter perception and judgment. These things can be avoided with drug testing.

Drug use also leads to distrust among the employees and the employer. Drugs are illegal and would be used in a surreptitious manner, presumably without the knowledge or consent of the company (McAllister).

This leads to lying and even worse behavior, increasing the chances of accidents. Honesty and integrity are the foundation of a good company, not corruption and deceit.

These same things apply to schools. Children's futures are shaped by years of high school and college. Drugs can interfere with the well being of all the children. Teenagers on drugs are more likely to exhibit violent behavior than the average teenager. Also, the use of performance enhancing drugs are a major concern today. People who use these are cheating not only everyone else, but themselves. People on these drugs who get scholarships because of their "athletic ability" take the chance away from the truly great athletes. They are also hurting themselves. These drugs are very hard on the body, and have side...