This essay is about e-commerce. It asks the question like where it is going, and if it is going to survive.

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"Is their life in e-commerce?" The Economist February 3rd 2001:19-31

Many .com's have bit the dust this year due to the markets uncanny ups and downs. This is bad to have such ups and down's because when we do not avoid them inflation and deflation can occur like the great depression in the 1930's. Many .com's this year paied out the big bucks for 30 seconds of meyham for this years-annual Superbowl. Some companies are still doing well like Yahoo! who has grown 100 times the billion dollars it was worth last spring. is another company that shot up quickly also gave up two facilities and laid off a thousand workers, but still promised profit before the years close(note:amazon has yet to make a profit). A so does this means that is a wise decsion to invest in? Well it was operating profit not net profit that

was promising. Yes, and no because when looking at both sides having profit will allow them to grow, but not nearly at the pace that was implied when they started. This to harshest criticts is a blow and maybe we will see in the near future with some pride when looking at the market figures.

My belief is that there is a chance for e-commerce. We have to look down the road, within five years every company that hasn't to will jump to the Internet from big companies like k-mart to your local clock store. I think e-commerce and e-business, will intermingle and be apart of everyone's lives.

"Can rate cuts do the job?" Buissnes Week Febuary 12, 20001:46-57

Alan Greenspan hasn't always liked the job of controlling the economy, especially in the 1990 when he didn't act fast enough to cut interest rates and gas prices...