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Mr. John Donahoe,

I am writing you today with a lot of frustrations from recent events that have happened to me on Ebay as a Seller, and I have not been able to receive any help or intelligent answers from your customer service staff until the last person recommended that I write a letter to you. I just hope that this letter actually reaches you and not some other customer service rep in the Philippines.

A brief history of my dealings on Ebay began when I started my membership in 1998 as a buyer and seller who occasionally had a need for Ebay. Then Ebay became a necessity in 2010 when I lost my full time job and began selling personal and sentimental items on Ebay just to stay alive. After a few months of success, I decided to make Ebay selling a full time career and I can honestly say that my selling on Ebay saved my life.

I about lost my home to foreclosure and it was from reviewing my archaic bookkeeping of my Ebay sales that my mortgage company was able to keep me in my home under the "Making Home Affordable" program. This brings me to the present.

I have enjoyed being a Top Rated Seller on Ebay for several years and to date I have a 100% positive feedback rating, and according to my detailed seller ratings, I have 5 Stars in each category. However, on May 20th, I lost my Top Rated status because I learned that in each of the months of March, April, and May, ONE buyer in each of those months had left me a 1 star rating in the communication category. I was appalled so I made an inquiry to your customer service department about this. I had...