This essay is about the effects on animals due to extensive testing of chemical agents on their bodies .

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Faith Pabon

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Animal Testing

My purpose for writing about this article is to inform people about

why animal testing is wrong and what kind of treatments these animals

suffer. I would also like to inform consumers that have a interest in

shampoos, cosmetics, etc... to look on labels to see if there products are

tested on animals and imagine how those defenseless felt being tested on

when you use that product. This issue falls along with society's strong

values and beliefs that can be considered controversial if not taken into


Animal testing is one the most ignored issues in the United States.

Society feels that in order to receive effective results, animals should be the

first to become tested on, but there should be other alternatives. I believe

that this seems somewhat irrelevant. There should be other alternatives for

testing products without the use of causing permanent damage to defenseless

creatures. Just think, how would you feel if you were locked in cages for a

long period of time and experienced unbearable pain that you couldn't

control. People consider animal testing as a way to learn more knowledge

about products, medicines, etc.. and they don't consider any of this

inhumane because they think it is being done for a reason to help society. I

believe that any kind of cruel or harmful act done to an animal regardless of

the situation is considered inhumane.

There are reasons why animal testing is done. Animals are still being

used because "the demand by companies in the cosmetics industries for

testing 'new' or 'improved' ingredients for products; and "regulatory

pressures in some countries to test materials such as preservatives and

sunscreen filters." (Our Values-The Issue 2 (2) ). Animal testing is also

done in order to prove to consumers...