This essay is about the effects of going to war with Iraq

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I believe that the U.S. foreign policy towards Iraq is all about control and containment. All this talk about President Bush wanting to protect the Americans from harm and Saddam Hussein's nuclear weapons is bull. President Bush wants to go to war not because of his concern for the Americans but for himself. It all goes back to being the most powerful family. Just as Romeo and Juliet were victims because of the family name, the American people are the victims of this proposed war. Take for example the Gulf War. It was initially touted as a plan to save the "poor" Kuwaitis from Saddam Hussein but former President Bush later publicly admitted that the whole war was about securing the United States' access to the oil in the region.

I see not much difference in this proposed war. This war is all about the riches of the land that Saddam Hussein viciously and sadistically controls and being able to control Saddam Hussein.

Sadly as it may sound, President Bush wants to be able to control what is believed to be a very horrendous man. Once Bush has control over Saddam Hussein, he will be seen as a hero to the Iraqis and a distinguished leader to the United States. In sense, it is about ethnocentrism. We, Americans believe that our ways are the best ways. We are the dominant people in the world. We are the best and when something is going to threaten that as Saddam Hussein is appearing to do so, we use what we believe to be the best solution; war.

This whole situation is based on the contradiction of one of DuBrin's principles and characteristics of supportive communication. This war is person-oriented, not problem-oriented. When it comes to breaking down what this war it all...