Essay on Entertainment. Gabler says that it is bad for the mind. This is an arguement to that.

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Entertainment has won a multitude of audiences around the world. Though it is a very popular form of escape and amusement in the hearts of many, its participants are blinded by the effects of its hidden vile. Entertainment has effects on people without their knowledge. Sooner or later, its defects will begin to reflect in the viewers' lives and begin to soften morality and defile clean happiness.

As Gabler asserts, entertainment affects us in such a way that it will overturn morality. Anything viewed on television seems to be amazement for the audiences. Of course, the glamour and popularity they see is something they too want in their lives. In time, the monkey see, monkey do effect will kick in and begin to unfold. Whether it is sex, drugs or violence, it will impact the views of the common people. For example, the show Jackass, a show about guys doing absurd and idiotic stunts featured on the highly viewed MTV, sends off a subliminal message to the audience that the stunts they perform is what society defines as "cool."

In the beginning of the show, the producers even warn the audience to not reenact what they see. So, in fact, the makers of the show know that people will act out what was last seen in the most recent episode. If it were not so, they would not have needed to warn its viewers about imitating the stunts.

While entertainment dissolves morality, it carries on with it acts of poisoning the springs of domestic happiness. In music, hip hop, rock, and such, have evolved into what some call violent in our times and what people from the 1800s would have categorized as demonic. These songs say that violence is the way to end one's problems. There have been accounts against...