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The masterful auteur's Ethan and Joel Coen, have made yet another mind-blowing movie, following a string of hugely acclaimed movies, 'The Big Lebrowski', 'Raising Arizona', and 'O'Brother Where Art Thou' they have struck gold once more, with this movie of simply their best work, 'Fargo', first released in 1995, won two Oscars for both best original screenplay, best actress- (Frances McDormand picking up that honour), and one BAFTA award 'The David Lean Award for Best Achievement in Direction' for Ethan and Joel Coen. The Coen brothers have a large loyal audience, who have been enthralled by previous movies, they have also sampled reasonable success in the independent film industry.

The Coen brothers throughout make the audience use their minds, and try to guess of the genre that the movie is, Fargo is a traditionally western based movie name, and is used in my westerns, there are viciously graphic murders, makes you think of thriller and quite amusing reminds you of a black comedy, therefore 'Fargo' is a hybrid of genre's, and much of the audience would like that, element to keep them enthralled and guessing to the plot.

'Fargo' is also well thought of by many independent filmmakers and independent film fans. Costing a lowly $7million to make, compared to big-budget mainstream Hollywood offers of the same time, 'The Last Man Standing' with Bruce Willis costing $67million, and 'Jingle All The Way' $60million and 'Judge Dredd' with Sylvester Stallone with another huge budget of $90million, 'Fargo' by comparison has a very small budget. In many movies, the general audience will go to see movies as their favourite actor, or actress is involved, however the Coen brothers, tend to try to use the same actors and actresses, and several actors from 'Fargo' have appeared in several of the...