This essay is entitled "the way of learning". it is an essay about how people learn and uses some quotes from the book "Siddhartha".

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The Way of Learning

How does a person learn to drive? To cook? To play tennis? Or anything else? The obvious answer is of course, a teacher. An instructor, who can teach you the rules of the game. However, a teacher can only help the student so far and the rest is up to the individual. A student learns from a teacher but can learn much more from his or her own experiences. For example, if a teenager who doesn't have a clue about driving and attempts to drive, then he or she will probably get into an accident. This is resulted from the lack of a teacher to teach them the policy of driving. If an instructor taught them all they needed to know about driving (with the key off), the student would be safer off when they attempt to actually drive. Nevertheless, the students will never actually understand thoroughly and get the feeling for driving until they actually do it themselves.

Teachers guide us, but we can only learn through our own experiences.

From my own incidences and experiences, I can truly say that going through an event teaches me all of the perspectives of that occurrence, making me understand that experience thoroughly and fully; something that teachers can not teach to us. For example, I had participated in a program over the summer called LA Bridge. It was where my partner and I had to teach to a group of incoming freshman the rudimentary elements of ninth grade. For about 4-6 weeks, the advisors who were Mr. Green and Mr. Randall, strived to educate us with everything they wanted us to know about teaching a group of kids. We would practice in front of our peers, receive or give constructive criticism and prepare for the future lessons...