This essay entitled, "Which Golden Girl Are You?" is a category essay based on the hit show "The Golden Girls."

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People spend a total of six years of their life watching television. When parents need time to themselves they simply switch on the television and the children are hypnotized with the world they see on the screen. Things I have learned through the years I did not learn from school but from television. For example, I learned how to count watching "Sesame Street", I always did well in history class because of "Where in Time is Carmen Sandi ego?", and I learned about the horrors of high school watching "Saved by the Bell". I've learned many valuable lessons watching television but the most important lesson I have learned is how to categorize people.

"The Golden Girls" has helped me deal with the most difficult people I have ever encountered. By watching at least four episodes a day for a year I have been able to identify the personality traits of each of the four women and categorize people by Dorothy, Blanch, Rose, and Sophia.

Dorothy was always the dominant one. In group activities she was the leader and if she had anything to say you would listen. Dorothy would walk into a room with her head high and back straight and you knew that she was in charge. These types of people would typically be the employers. Although they are hard workers, and are well liked, the confidence aura they give out is usually a cover- up. Their personal life lacks of intimacy because their dominance can be intimidating to anybody.

Then there is Blanche. Blanche was always the life of the party. The main disadvantage of being around Blanche is not that she is good looking, but she knows she is good looking. The people that carry the "Blanche" trait are usually involved in a professional career...