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An Essay about an Essay

When Doris Goodwin wrote her essay, "From Father, With Love," she was trying to prove a point. She talks about the love of baseball and the times she had with her father at the baseball games when she was a child. At the end of the essay, Goodwin talks about how she took her boys to the baseball games like her father did. This shows that she is trying to prove the importance of family bonding and tradition. Doris Goodwin uses different rhetorical strategies to prove her point in the essay. These strategies help to aid in the effectiveness of her writing.

In this essay, Doris Goodwin tries to prove her point by using pathos. Pathos is the main strategy that Goodwin uses in her essay because it makes you feel emotional. You can see that she is using pathos when she talks about how her father died.

This creates a feeling of sympathy and sadness. Doris Goodwin also uses pathos when she tells of how she had the opportunity to talk with baseball star, Carlton Fisk. When Carlton asks Goodwin about her experiences working with the president, she states, "Not as awesome as the thought that I am really standing here talking with you (349)." After reading this quote the reader feels a feeling of awe. The quote makes the reader remember the times that they may have had something really exciting happen to them.

Doris Goodwin also makes use of allusions in this essay. For instance, she refers to the various different baseball players and baseball teams. Goodwin makes an allusion the famous baseball player, Jackie Robinson. Another allusion that she makes is to Harvard school. The allusions that Doris Goodwin refers to in her essay gives the reader a better understanding...