This essay is an essay that I had to write on something that infuriated me.

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It Infuriates Me When...

It infuriates me when; I am trapped behind an elderly and senile driver on the road, for an extended period of time. This frustration aggravates me so deeply, that just two weeks ago I received a ticket for, "unsafe lane changing." As I was leaving my house one morning, (late as usual), on the way to school, I sped my way onto Caln road, which leads me onto Route 1, and then finally to school. I thought to myself that I would make it there with plenty of time to spare at the speed I was traveling, when suddenly I had to come to a screeching halt for a car had pulled out less than seventy-five feet ahead of me. I took the situation quite calmly and waited patiently for the car to quicken speed. After an entire two minutes of driving nearly twenty miles per hour below the speed limit I became flustered and accelerated to the point that I was right on the late model Cadillac's rear end.

It was then I realized I was behind an extremely aged man with declined senses and severe driving impairments.

Without time to spare I glanced all around me to make sure the area was police free, then passed the slow Cadillac around the double yellow lines. Yet, no longer than an exhale of relief passed out of my mouth, was I greeted by the boisterous sound of sirens. I had been caught by an on looking police officer. As I pulled off to the side of the road I ironically watched the Cadillac that had caused me so much grief slowly ride by. That morning I was issued a ninety dollar ticket and also missed English class, all due to an elderly and senile driver.