This essay is about every aspect of the life of a knight in the middle ages. It goes into detail about training, weapons, and clohting. The paper is five pages including a works cited.

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The Life of a Knight

The Middle Ages were a time of frequent war and brittle peace, grand spectacles and devastating plague, high moral standards and bitter persecution. It was a time of the brightest hope and the darkest despair. Through it all, the knight was there, an integral part of society and the events that make up our history. The knight did many deeds and performed many tasks to become an important part of society. It took much skill, bravery, and intense training to become a knight. For the most part knights fought in battles, participated in tournaments, or trained hard. However, knights had many duties and responsibilities to fill. Included in these responsibilities were the knight's code of honor or code of courtesy.

The knight made his origins in military and economic times of need. His role was as a warrior, and in some cases he was little more than a thug rewarded for his viciousness.

But if a knight was to succeed, he had to take his role in the military seriously. As time went on, success required more than strength: it required loyalty to his lord as well as strategy and ingenuity on the battlefield.

Knighthood could only be accomplished through many years of intense training and slowly graduating up through set standards. Young boys were taken from their family at age seven to be placed in the household of a knight or nobleman (Gravett 14). This is how the journey to knighthood began with the title of "Page". The page learned manners like how to eat, how to behave in public, and started learning the code of honor (or courtesy). The code of honor was a part that bound the knight to his lord, lady, and country (MacDonald 25). After approximately eight years the young...