Essay explaining one major challenge facing organisations in the coming decades and its implications for the kind of leadership and negotiation capabilities that they will need to develop

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Organisations today feel the impact of technology on a daily basis. We are entering an era when the "third wave" of technological innovation will intensely affect almost every part of an organisation and its workforce. (The Future Impact of Technology on Management) In this essay I will be addressing the challenges that organisations face due to technological improvements, and how their leaders should take charge. Technological change is described as, "A term that is distinguished from technological development, yet can refer to several different compatible concepts" (Wikipedia)The degree of technological impact to an organisation will differ depending on the sector. Examples of this may be the Production, or service industries. The world is made up of many organisations with structures based on teams, and levels of work. Organisations operate from strategic, to tactical, all the way to the operational level. All, whom need to managed, maintained, appraised, and kept focused at all times.

Technological changes will affect the organisational structure, its culture, the way in which people operate, communicate, and ultimately the management process. Other factors which come to mind can be training and re-allocation of employees, which could result in both positive and negative outcomes. During a period like this, we turn to those leaders who initiate the work required. Leaders need to understand the changes that are going to arise, and should plan how they intend on implementing this changes in the most efficient way. (Insight No. 5)There are many different leadership processes, which can be conducted by leaders in a time of technological change. The change will mainly affect the organisation internally. The on-going advancements in technology calls for effective leaders who need to address the situation by taking into account, its employees.

A leader could address this by pursuing a transformational leadership style. According to...