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In "The Tragedy of Julius Caesar", Marc Antony gives a speech to the people of Rome. To do this he must have an audience, a purpose, and he must use persuasive techniques. If Antony didn't have an audience what would be the use of his speech? Without a purpose his speech would also be useless. If Antony didn't use persuasive techniques, the audience would soon become bored, and he wouldn't accomplish his purpose. All of these three things are essential for his speech.

Antony's audience is comprised of Friends, Romans, and countrymen. When Antony says, " Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears" in Act III, Scene 2, Line 75, he clearly states whom he is talking to. The audience is a very important part of his speech. Without it he wouldn't be talking to anyone but himself.

Another thing Antony needs for his speech is a purpose. He doesn't give a speech for the heck of it.

He gives a speech for a purpose. One of the reasons Antony gives a speech is that he wants to revenge Caesars death. To accomplish this he must get the people to mutiny, which is another purpose. Antony was a loyal friend to Caesar and he wants to kill the people that murdered his beloved friend and ruler.

Another thing that is essential to Antony's speech is the use of persuasive techniques. This is an essential part of Antony's speech because he is trying to persuade them to help him. If Antony cannot persuade the people to help him, then his speech is useless. Antony's use of persuasive techniques helps him persuade the people. One persuasive technique Antony uses is expert testimony. He does this by reading Caesars will. Another persuasive technique Antony uses is his use of loaded words. This...