This essay explains a personal a view on whether or not to attend college, also explains the pro's and the con's of not attending college.

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There is one major decision high school students have to make, which is whether or not to go to college. Many students are simply just excited to graduate high school and be able to go into the real world and be on their own. Just how are they supposed to do that? Do they go to a college to obtain a degree in order to get a "well" paying job, or can they just go find a job somewhere and jump right into the "real world". I am here to tell the high school students which decision would be the best and also smartest decision to make in this situation.

It is finally your senior year and that means it is time to decide whether or not you are going to attend a college. Well start filling out the college applications, because now a day without a degree of some sort, it is difficult to obtain a decent job.

I'm sure a lot of you have dreamed of having a family and a great job, so u can support this family, but how are u supposed to some day , own your own house , car and pay for all the things you want if u are working at Burger King your whole life? You simply can not, which is my point exactly. For example my dream is to be able to help sick children, but I will not be able to get a job at a hospital helping them if I do not have a degree. If you have a dream to be in the real world and doing something you have always wanted to do, then why not continue your education and go to college to get a degree which will only make you smarter and better...