essay exploring indian/environment relationships using "The Light in the Forest" by Conrad Richter as a vehicle

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Section 1

The plot in the story starts with True Son, a white boy who was raised by Indians

since he was four years old. A Native American family raised him as their own when their

son had died and True son was taken as prisoner. True Son's Indian parents said words

that made him an Indian. True Son considered this to be his life, and these people to be

his family.

One day when he was 15, he was told by his father that a new law was passed and

because he was white, he had to go back and live with his real family. Then True Son is

escorted by white soldiers back to the place where his parents live. His cousin and best

friend Half Arrow accompanies him on part of this journey.

True Son is reluctant to go and hates his white family. They force him to wear their

clothes, speak their language and interact with other whites daily.

The only white person

he likes is Gordie, his younger brother. Gordie is the only one who tries to understand

True Son, he's also the only one to call him True Son instead of John Butler, his real


Once while he was living with his white family he tried to escape. When Gordie

begged to go too, True Son brought him too. But Before they could get very far, they were

caught. A while later, True Son became ill and did not seem to get better with the

medicines that the Whites had. One night Gordie told True son that some Indians had

been seen in the town. Once he was left alone in his room, True Son put on his Indian

clothes and went out the window to meet his people.

He finds Half Arrow...