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A society with a limited language can be more informative than one would think. Based on the tidbits of information given about the Tagoman tribe's, of Australia, language one could deduce quite a few things. First, from their words for terrain and rain, I presume that they live inland, perhaps in the plains or rolling hills, somewhat like ones in the North-Central part of the United States, and are a generally agricultural civilization, based on their dozens of phrases for grains. This statement is also backed up by the fact that they have only one word for snow, and no word for ocean. Furthermore, the evidence suggests that they are also vegetarians and animal activist type of people considering that they have no terms for leather, beef, pork, or veal.

Their language also tells that they only use sexual activities for procreation purposes, not for recreation. They attach importance to their children, and the evidence suggests that they hold them on a higher pedestal than other members of the society.

Based on the translation of mother and father, one could presume that the families are close knit, and even after they are married, siblings keep in close contact with their parents. The lack of words to explain from puberty to death makes clear that the average life expectancy of the Tagoman's is tremendously succinct.

For so simple a word as book, the Tagoman's possess twenty words for it. One might conclude from this that they are exceedingly well educated and believe that education is extremely imperative. With no word for war, nine for artist, and four for theater, the evidence suggests several possibilities. First, they are extremely peaceful, friendly, and against war. They are very artistic. Additionally, this society's word for praise translates to peacemaker. This backs up the...