This essay is about Food As Magic, How food helps someone to get cure.

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Food as Magic

Ginger is one of the oldest spice in the world, it has been used for the medical purposes over last 5,000 years. "References to ginger as a medicine and a spice appear in ancient Chinese and Sanskrit writings, and in surviving Persian, Arabic, Greek and Roman texts. Medieval writings from many European countries indicate that ginger was a standard ingredient in recipes for the kitchen and the apothecary The chronology of the texts in which references to ginger appear are a rough guide to the travels of this wonderful spice down through the ages. The absolute origins of this appealing and versatile spice are most probably to be found in the moist tropical and sub-tropical regions of India and China. Cultivation spread throughout Southeast Asia and to Korea and Japan. The Arabs who had long established, and held, a near monopoly on trade with Asia, brought Ginger to the Greek and Roman worlds."

I used ginger as a magic food because it uses in many ways. Today, ginger uses as an ingredient in more than 50 percent of traditional herbal remedies. It uses in Nausea and motion sickness, Digestion, Muscles and Joints, Circulation and also some other uses. "The ancient Greeks ate ginger wrapped inside bread after meals to help digestion, and a soothing ginger beer was prepared by the early English in order to aid their stomach.

In 1982, some scientist found that "The powdered rhizome of Zingiber officinale is more effective than dimenhydrinate (Dramamine) in reducing motion sickness in individuals highly susceptible to this malady. More medical reports show that Ginger is effective in easing morning sickness in pregnant women and post-operative nausea in patients recovering from surgery. Ginger root is also use to reduced the tendency to vomiting and cold sweating."

In digestion, Ginger...