This essay is about a football player and his experience of chaning from high school to college.

Essay by bwaldon22College, Undergraduate June 2004

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Changing from junior high school to high school was a scary

experience at first. I didnâ ®t really know what to expect. I thought and

knew it was going to be a lot harder than junior high school. I had

friends that made this transition with me, but I knew I was going to meet

more people and make some new friends. I have always been one of the

best athletes on every sports team I played on and I knew there was going

to be a lot of competition.

My freshman and sophomore year in high school was the hardest. I

wasnâ ®t used to doing a lot of homework because in junior high school I

got it all done in class. The students were a lot different and more

mature. There were older students that were looked up at by the younger

students because they were the most popular in school and were great

athletes. I always hoped that I would be a great athlete and would be

looked up to as a role model. My grades were very low because I wasnâ ®t

focused or motivated by school. These two years were the hardest out

of all my years in high school.

My junior and senior year was the best high school years I have

ever had. These are the years I had to get myself focused and start

looking toward my future. These two years made me motivated to want to do

well in school because it was going to determine my life. The

competition on the football field begin to get a lot easier for me because I had

great natural talent. I always knew I would be a great football player

because I put my heart into everything I did with football and...