This essay is about Freedom of Expression, whether or not Marshall Mathers freedom of expression was violated by him not being able to perform in Canada

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Freedom of Expression

Now a day's there has been a lack in Community standards when it comes to "artists" and their opinions they send to the public. In the case of Marshall Mathers or "Eminem", his lyrics are full of hateful slurs towards women and homosexuals. Due to a lack of moral in Canadian law, an attempt to prevent Eminem from entering Canada failed. There should be censorship in Canada to prevent artists such as Marshall Mathers from performing. 40 years ago the world was better with censorship, people respected others and morals but now they do not.

Community standards and decency did once exist. Until about 40 years ago society was willing to improve and protect community standards and decency throughout society. Now people don't protect anything, they could care less about society. People like Eminem, being all big and famous makes young people of society look up to you.

When you spread hatred towards women and homosexuals, they then begin to think that is they way life is and continue in the footsteps of the people they look up to. Community's need to take a stand, censorship needs to be enforced to insure protection of society.

Why should society tolerate Eminem? Eminem is bad for society through social peace and trust, as well as morals. Eminem's lyrics are hateful towards women and homosexuals and this cause's a disruption to social peace. Spreading that homosexuals are not right and that beating women is ok, is not ok. Things stated in such a manor cause people to think that it is ok and thus causing a disturbance to society destroying what social peace still remains in a country. Freedom of Expression in the Charter is not what he is doing. He is preaching his hate for women and homosexuals in...