This is an Essay about what the French had to do with the Revolutionary War. I have taken most of my information from a history book by A. H. Stevens.

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During the Revolutionary war there were many countries that wondered if they should help the Americans. One of the countries that decided to go help the Americans was the French. At first the French didn't know what to do. Later on the French decided that it was the right thing to do. The French settled an alliance with the Americans and they were soon to enter the war against the British.

The French left for America as soon as they could on their royal navy ships across the Atlantic Ocean. They were soon bound for the Delaware to block the British fleet. Before this happened though, the British found out and headed for New York where all of their forces would be concentrated. The French pushed at the British with the help of General Lee, but because they were too powerful of a force the French were forced to retreat.

This didn't help anything because General Lee had to retreat as well.

Throughout the months, the French had many little battles with the British, some victories; some loses, but none great. On September 9th, Count D'Estaing and General Lincoln laid siege to Savannah. This siege only lasted a month, and they attacked with great force upon the British army. This force, however, was not great enough. These two armies were forced to retreat because of the exceeding slaughter of their army. This battle was the turning point of the French. They returned home wishing no greater loses.

Some of the French leaders stayed to help the Americans though. They were not as helpful as an army of French soldiers, but they were a symbol of hope in the War going on. Month after month exhausting battles were fought. Some of these battles were great victories, and some were not. The...