THis essay is about George Orwell's 1984. It answers the question: Can what happened in 1984 happen today? It anaysalies the world of 1984 and our world today.

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George Orwell's novel, 1984 is about a distopian future in which the government,

the Party, controls every aspect of its people's lives. The government brainwashes its

people into believing anything it says. In today's world there are governments that try to

control all the aspects of its people lives. Even in "free", democratic countries the

government invades peoples' privacy and spreads propaganda. Many of the techniques

that the Party uses to control its people are used by many governments today; because of

this the dangers that Orwell warns of are very relevant today.

As time continues our society becomes more technologically advanced and this

makes it easier and easier for our privacy to be invaded. In today's world there are many

ways in which we are being watched by "Big Brother". There are now cameras that can

be disguised to look like clocks, smoke alarms, buttons, and mirrors. At work companies

monitor what web sites their employees go on.

Police use "wires" to go undercover and

record confessions. Also peoples credit card, bank, and phone records are cataloged by

their respective companies. All of these things are not currently used by the government

to keep a watch on us but they easily could be.

In 1984 people were given identity numbers and were referred to by this number.

That is like the social security numbers that are currently in use today in America. In a

sense these numbers have become our "identity" numbers. Any time you buy a house or

car, apply for a job, apply to a school, or go to a doctor you must use your social security

number. Also this number is needed when we buy guns, open bank accounts, apply for

credit cards, and open bank accounts. Almost every move we make is tracked by this...