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This coursework is assigned to fulfill the requirements of the course Literature for Young Adults, BIS 3093. In this task, student is required to write an analysis of a chosen short story. The selection of the short story is restricted to one which is considered as short story for young adults, as the name of the course implies. According to Aronson (2001) in Scheerer (2009), the genre of young adult literature is described as works of realistic fiction that involve ideas and transitions that young adults are concerned about, are involved in or those which are closely appealing to them. Specifically, the works are meant for readers aged twelve to eighteen which are also claimed as true teenage group of ages.

As for this paper, it presents an analysis of a short story entitled Secrets which is written by Judy Troy (born in 1951). She is a Professor and Alumni Writer-in-Residence who received her MA in creative writing from Indiana University and is currently teaching creative writing at Auburn University.

The author has made it successful to get this story, Secrets; published in The New Yorker magazine back in 1992. Also, Secrets is the third "Florida Stories" in Morning Droves published in 1993. Besides, she has got her works appeared in The New York Times, literary journals as well as anthologies.

Her literary works have been very well recognised that she received a 1996 Whiting Writers' Award and also the Auburn University Panhellenic Council Award for Outstanding Professor, in 2002. Claiming that she was able to be very critical of her own work, Troy described writing a story as something which is much more intuitive than intellectual activity. As for this paper, Secrets is chosen from a compilation of short stories published in 1995 with the title 20th Century...