This essay gives a brief description of Mcdonald's "Hamburger University" and the effects it has on McDonalds operations

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Training at McDonalds is an integral part of the company's management program. In fact, McDonalds regards management training as so important that they actually created "Hamburger University" wherein managers and possible franchisees learn "The Basics of McDonald's Operations". Hamburger University was created by McDonalds Corporation in order to instruct their employees or personnel employed by McDonald's Independent Franchisees in every aspect of the business. Some of the characteristics of the global training plan at McDonalds include everything from cultural awareness and managerial evaluations, to proper cooking and cleaning techniques. And they offer these comprehensive training programs to all staff levels.

Hamburger University, which was founded in 1961, has its home office campus in Oak Brook, Illinois. This University boasts over 130,000 square feet of state-of-the-art technologically equipped classrooms and training environments, 30 resident professors, and can teach its classes in up to 22 languages simultaneously. Other Hamburger University locations include universities in London, England, Tokyo, Japan, Munich, Germany, and Sydney, Australia, not to mention additional campuses throughout the United States.

Through these various universities, McDonalds Corporation ensures that all of its management staff and franchisees are properly trained in the McDonalds Corporations operational methods.

McDonalds Corporation believes that their restaurants should be a direct reflection of the communities that they serve. In order for them to achieve these goals, they tend to "promote from within" and hire most of their management from people who started out as cashiers and fry cooks and such. One of the keys to the successful HR practices of McDonalds Corporation's global training programs is their method of taking the best "people practices" found in the various McDonalds restaurants around the world and blending them into the one method that is most effective for a given location. For example, opening a McDonalds in...