the essay gives a description of the pai kane group and the detailed study on how the departments function

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The curriculum for BBA contains various subjects which teach us about major topics relating to organizations namely organizational culture, communication flow, motivation, etc. and in order to achieve a better understanding of the above topics, this summer placement project is carried out. Working in the organization allowed to actually putting the theoretical understanding of how the organization works into practice. I had the privilege of working with PAI KANE, a manufacturing unit of canopy's of gensets in Goa. I got to learn the basic functioning, objectives of each department. The working of each department and its co-ordination with other departments was also observed. A first hand learning was attained by working in the production department and the working in the organization gave a wide learning of the need of the organization structure followed. The process of decision making and why the organization has adopted such pattern similarly the need for specialization the reason in departmentalization the different motivation techniques used to get the best out of their employees.

To sum all up it was a great learning experience and a real and co-operate exposure for a fresher like me


The objective was to do a detail study of the various departments in the organization and their functioning. How the various departments function coordinate amongst each other. Also understand and study the manufacturing process. The whole idea was to apply the theoretical knowledge into practical use.


To understand the organization a schedule to interact with personals of different departments prepared. Firstly the Managers of the departments, later the Assistant Managers and other supervisors followed by employees were interviewed. I also had an opportunity to view the entire production process. The instrument used for the primary data collection was...