This essay is about globalization. The good, bad and how it affects the world.

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Globalization can be highly beneficial for all people by bestowing great fortunes on us by increased trade, spreading of cultures and information and creating choice. Globalization does however have the potential to be so much more. Globalization can perform at a peak if all countries could be involved and not just the majority.

The definition of globalization will be discussed in this essay. The positive sides of globalization will also be discussed without ignoring the negative sides.

Here is the definition of Globalization according to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP):

"Globalization broadly refers to the explosion of global linkages, the organization of social life on a global scale, and the growth of global consciousness, hence the consolidation of world markets" . Here is a definition according to the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC):

"Globalization is about worldwide economic activity - about open markets, competition and the free flow of goods, services, capital and knowledge" .

It is evident that globalization can be thought of differently by different people. The UNDP will see it from their point of view. They will think of how it could enrich and develop the lives of people. In the same way the ICC will see how globalization will benefit people economically. It would be wise to say that globalization can be thought of in many ways but it basically means that companies are treating the world as on one integrated market.

Many anti-globalists are saying that because globalization allows companies to treat the world as one market cultures are being disregarded. It is more realistic to say that globalization promoted the spreading of cultures. Here in South Africa many people support English soccer almost religiously. We eat pizza that originated in Italy. We follow fashion trends set in France. We listen to music...