Essay of "A good night's sleep"

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Essay of "A good night's sleep".

The main character of the short-story "A good night's sleep" is George Lockhart. He is a teacher of Communication and General Studies. He has very much trouble falling asleep at night and that's why he is described as an insomniac. Sounds and noises from the street are giving him a hard time and when he hears a bumping noise from the door several times, he has to go check it out in order to fall asleep.

The theme of the short-story contains problems caused by today's modern society, where homelessness is shown as the main theme. Homelessness is displayed in the story from different aspects like homeless people's attitude to the society, including their attitude to others and people's attitude to homeless people and their responsibility which certainly follows. Homelessness is a well known problem everywhere you go, but only few cares about homeless people today.

The reason why you get homeless is for an example the result of problems with your family or if you have been fired from your work. Today we are more concerned about ourselves, we got material needs and we are also thinking as very selfish individuals. Some people are scared of homeless people, who they see lying on the street, others don't or won't care about anyone but themselves, just because they think it's the persons own mistakes that led to the problem.

But those opinions are not shared by George Lockhart, who is living alone in his flat in Edinburgh, Scotland. The only thing in life that bothers him is that he has difficulties sleeping, he is an insomniac, but despite that fact he lives a nice and quiet life. He has been teaching his students in problems of the modern society, and paradoxically...