An essay on The Great Depression.

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DBQ on The Great Depression

In the 1920's many people prosper and become rich. More and more people had invested in the stock market on credit. Many people had thought this would never end yet it ends in 1929. In this essay there will be what the people did in the Great Depression, what Roosevelt did to help them, if the New Deal help or not, and the long term effect of the Great Depression and the New Deal on the United States.

Firstly, when the stock market crashed it shocked many people and they thought why did this happen. Many people had to find jobs, food, and homes to live because the depression left many people homeless, jobless and with very little food. In Document 1, Parks thought the crash wouldn't affect him yet the crash affected everyone. He looked for jobs but many shopkeepers were firing, not hiring.

In response, Roosevelt and his New Deal helped the people of the United States. He gave speeches on the radio called fireside chats. People thought he understood what they are in because of these speeches. In Document 3, Roosevelt reassured the people and not to worry and they will get out of this mess. The New Deal had many things that helped the people. It gave jobs, homes, food, and many other things. They did this by making many programs. In Document 4, Harry Hopkins, head of the Federal Emergency Relief Administration spend a lot of money on the unemployment. In Document 6, the bottles represented all the programs Roosevelt made. There were at least 20 bottles. In Document 7, there were 6,333 Projects made from the programs that help people. In Document 8, a chart of some programs was listed. Many helped the jobless like the CCC, Civilian Conservation...