This essay is about a great mathematicians in 17th century his name is Pierre de Fermat.

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My paper research of mathematicians is on Pierre De Fermat. Pierre de Fermat was born in August 17, 1601 near Beaumont-de-Lomagne in a small town in south part of France. Pierre de Fermat father was a wealthy leather merchant; his father did not let Pierre go to school so he was educated at home. Pierre had a family he had a brother name Clement and two sisters their name were Louise and Marie. His uncle and godfather were also leather merchants, Pierre father also had a second job he was the second consul of Beaumont-de-Lomagne. His mother was the one to bring the social of status of the parliamentary noblesse de la robe (dress) of the family. Pierre father thought his son was interested in math, but actually Pierre did not show that much interest in mathematics. At a young age Pierre study at a local Franciscan monastery. As Pierre de Fermat was studying lots of math he was starting to like it, it kind of became his hobby to enjoy his free time when he had nothing to do beside study math.

Pierre de Fermat would always spend his time hidden in his study, and pursuing his mathematics interest which his father wants him to do. Pierre started to study lots of math so he received a nickname (AKA) "Prince of Amateurs." That's was the name they often called him. Pierre was amateur and self- tough person. After Pierre de Fermat finish his study at the local Franciscan monastery he headed to the University of Toulouse in France. Pierre de Fermat was going to go study to become a lawyer and magistrate. Pierre Fermat liked to enjoy the pleasure of discovery more than any reputation. When Pierre left to the University of Toulouse he left to Bordeaux in the...