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Alexander Zubarev

Essay on Guns.

In my opinion, guns should be outlawed. It will promote security and safety for the people. However, this isn't enough. You also have to change the psyche of the people, so that there will be less violence in the world. I suggest making the following changes to attempt to get as close to that goal as possible:

1)Prohibit any rated-"R" movies for sale, and don't show them, either. True, it won't make too many changes in this generation, but if you continue on the tradition, for sure the future generations will be affected. Media encourages violence, and is, without a doubt, one of the causes of increasing suicide rates, murders, sexual abuses and physical assaults.

2)Increase the amount and wages (if applicable) of peer mediators, guidance counselors, psychologists, psychotherapists, priests, and pastors. Obviously, if a person is emotionally or mentally disturbed, he/she should seek assistance.

The more people there are to assist, the greater the chance that any of these people will recognize the problem before it becomes worse.

3)One might wonder: if we don't allow fire-arms, then how will we be able to protect ourselves? Well, if we raise the wages as well as quantity of policemen and security, than the problem will be less noticeable. Besides, if you have guns to protect yourself, sooner or later you could well be the attacker by the logic of "sometimes offence is the best defense".

4)This change is highly debatable, as it flirts with the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution. Encouraging religion and discouraging atheism would improve the morale of America's society. One of the main reasons the factors mentioned in the 1st paragraph occur is because the family doesn't know right from wrong. Sacred texts such as Torah, the Bible, Qur'an, and Talmud...