An essay about the hardships that women of ancient Chinese society went through. Comparison made of life in the 21st century as opposed to life back then. Written from a non-Chinese perspective!

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Women in Traditional Chinese SocietyRoutine… I drag myself up a set of stairs and reach my door, rummage through my bag for my keys, slide one in and once again hear that familiar ‘click’. I haven’t even been able to catch my breath when I am bombarded with requests from my two teenage daughters. “Where is dinner??” “I need money!” “You haven’t even helped me with my school project yet!” “I want to get my nipples pierced”I sigh heavily and roll my eyes. As a single mother working 9-5, I find it so hard to keep up with this demanding lifestyle… Constantly juggling work and family life is very strenuous. I feel the ageing process speeding up against my will, and I can barely recognize the woman in the mirror anymore. After cooking dinner, tidying the house, taking out the garbage and piling up the bills, I tried to eliminate my throbbing headache by massaging my temples.

Is this really how I was going to spend the rest of my life? I squirmed at the thought. I couldn’t help but think how easy it must have been for my ancestors; a worry-free, stress-free life in which your responsibilities consisted of running the household and looking pretty. What did the women back in ancient China have to lose sleep over? I contemplated over this question as I got into bed. I drifted off to sleep with these thoughts still circling in my head and the longing to escape from this living nightmare swelling in my heart.

In a daze I woke up on a hard and uncomfortable mattress. Where had I fallen asleep?! This was not my $2000 Sealy mattress. I rubbed my eyes and looked around to an unfamiliar sight. I was cooped up in a small, plain room with...