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Part 2 - Section 2 - Business to Business Opportunities

The current interaction environment for clients of GE Capital is typically the market place, except in formalized relationships like with OfficeMax. Our group's suggested environment is one of customer driven connections. This could be accomplished through an engagement platform through which companies are able to find products and services useful to their own business from other customers of GE Capital. Almost serving as modern Yellow Pages for these companies, a GE Capital portal could allow its customers to search for its business needs at companies that are financially stable enough to qualify for GE Capital financing.

The value to a company would not only be the security of shopping for business needs at financially stable companies. This platform could use modern search engine capabilities to provide purchasing departments with a one-stop shopping experience that eliminates the need of calling on numerous sales people and getting a biased, usually superfluous, sales pitch from each of them.

Just as an Amazon shopper can see the six different prices being offered on a book, a business could see the six different prices being offered on computer monitors, bulk orders of pencils, or industrial equipment and know that they are financially linked to an established company like GE Capital.

GE Capital could also find numerous opportunities for profit through such a portal. Whether by providing financing options for the products on its site by leveraging their knowledge about the customers financial situation, allowing its customers to advertise on the portal for their different products, or through using customer search history to better understand their customer's needs and in turn developing products of greater value, there are numerous ways in which such a platform could evolve to offer great value to both...