A essay on how I help my community and therefor help myself

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If I could only choose fifteen words to describe myself and how I life it would be "everyone is kneaded out of the same dough but not baked in the same oven" which is an old Yiddish proverb. I take this to mean we all have only one life and we should try to make the most of it. In this light I try to life my life to the maximum and also help others enjoy themselves as much as I do. In my community there is a summer reading program run through my local library that promotes reading to youths between the grades of pre-kindergarten through sixth grade. For the last three summers I have volunteered there and for the past two summers I was the head teacher of the program. On average there are thirty or so kids in the classroom and for an hour a day we do a fun arts and crafts activity and then the kids read a book and write a short summary about it and then I post it on a wall to show off all the work they have done.

The true beauty of the program is that many of these kids who come to the program would probably be bored sitting in their houses for the whole summer but instead they come to the library meet friends have fun and learn. For a reward for reading I have been able to give out free McDonald's kids meals through our local McDonald's. It serves as an incentive to read as much as possible and they really enjoy it. For me personally I enjoy seeing the same faces come year after year and watch them grow and helping them find a love for learning and reading. Over the course of the winter...