This essay is about Heroes and what a hero is and what heroes do. This case, athletes. If athletes are heroes.

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Are Athletes Really Heroes?

Are athletes really heroes? Yes, some are and some aren't. I will focus on the ones that are heroes.

Examples of athlete heroes are Wayne Gretzky, Mario LeMieux, Gary Roberts and lots more of athletes. These people are heroes because they donate money to charity and other fund for poor children. These athletes do these things because they feel it isn't right for children and other starving people in the world to go to sleep with an empty stomach. They also feel sorry that if they made or bought too much food and there are leftovers they throw it away when a child or older person needs the food to survive through the night or day. Starvation is a horrible thing.

Athletes are heroes to by giving a child a dream to be a good athlete and stay healthy. A lot of athletes don't give any money to charity but the ones who do are heroes to me and those starving people around the world.

When a child has a dream to become a great athlete, the child goes out doors more often to try to live up to its dream which makes the child healthy. That's in most cases but some kids don't try to live up to their dream and end up having a different dream.

Some people think that all athletes don't donate any money to charity in fact just about all athletes has donated money or something to a charity of some sort.

Most of the time when an athlete makes around $7 500 000 a year, they donate some of it to charity.

A lot of athletes have donated money to charities that make shelters for orphans which have no home. These athletes are heroes to the ones who...