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Turner Syndrome

Turner Syndrome is an interesting genetic disorder that solitarily affects women. While my time spent on researching this topic provided me with interest and knowledge, I also found myself enwrapped in the everyday struggles of a girl with Turner Syndrome. Turner Syndrome is a life crippling disorder that affects a girl's body along with her self esteem. Although more and more treatments for this disorder are being developed, each of them has their downfalls.

Turner Syndrome, or Turner's syndrome as it is commonly referred to, was first described in 1938 by H. H. Turner. Turner Syndrome is when females have only one X chromosome. Because of this mutation a person with Turner Syndrome would have chromosomes that look like this:

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Turner Syndrome affects 1 out of 3,000 live births. Many pregnancies are aborted after the parents are told of their fetus's deficiency. There is no cure known for Turner Syndrome.

However, there is treatment that can be administered to children with the disorder.

The most common signs of Turner Syndrome are extremely short stature, webbed neck, and the delay or absence of the menstrual cycle. Many of the characteristics associated with Turner Syndrome are due to the fact that the distribution of hormones stunts or prohibits the development of pubescent events. Such is true of the breasts, ovaries, finger nails, and stature. The average height of a woman with Turner Syndrome is 4 feet 8 inches. The administration of growth hormones in early childhood may help combat this detrimental distinction. Most victims of Turner Syndrome are infertile. This greatly contributes to the fact that Turner Syndrome is not hereditary. The disorder also leaves women living with Turner Syndrome with a low hairline, low ears, soft finger nails, and memory problems.

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