This essay hits on exercise that you can do without going to the gym to do it. We are an obese nation and this gives tips on getting motivated without thinking about it.

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Exercise and its Benefits

The benefits of daily exercise go well beyond staying trim and having rock hard abs. We as Americans have become obsessed with the search for eternal youth, yet we don't seem to realize that we can accomplish this goal through a few simple exercises that we can do throughout the day.

In 1953, Ponce de Leon, a Spanish explorer, overheard Indians in Puerto Rico talk about a fountain in which if you bathed yourself you would be forever young. Anxious to find this fountain, Ponce de Leon set out to find the island of Bimini, which held this myth of youthfulness. He found it in Florida, St. Augustine to be more precise. While the story recalls it as the true fountain of youth, we all know that no such thing exists. Nevertheless, we have not given up on the search, and as more years go on the stronger our urge to find one gets.

You always hear of some new diet pill, or magical skin cream to keep you feeling and looking younger, longer. These things are not necessary; all you need to do is to make use of your time during the day, and to make it benefit you.

To help illustrate this, just think of what exercise you already do without knowing that you are doing it? Do you ever catch yourself taking the elevator instead of the stairs? That extra little bit of stepping could make a big change in the long run. Just by climbing two flights of stairs you burn around 147 calories. That adds up at the end of the day.

Another effective outcomes of exercise that you don't necessarily notice is stimulation to your mind. If you have ever gotten up early and went out and did something...