This essay is about the importance of vacation and relaxation.

Essay by nikkinov January 2004

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A vacation is a time for me to relax and enjoy my free time. It is a time when I can escape the stress of my everyday life and relax my body and mind. My grandmother's house in Florida is where I can accomplish that peace of mind. The weather, surroundings, and feelings experienced are only some of the many wonderful things about Florida. It is one of the best vacation spots and a priceless experience to enjoy.

The time of the year that I usually travel to Florida is May. My grandmother's house is in Key West, where the weather is beautiful. As the sun rises in the morning, the moist dew on each perfectly green blade of grass begins to evaporate. The fresh smell of air is something so indescribable and cannot be found in the factory polluted atmosphere of New York. The sun is accompanied with sizzling temperatures ranging from 75-85 Fahrenheit.

It is a great time to be out on the soft, white, sandy beaches and get an attractive brown tan from the beaming rays of the vibrant sun. However, on some days the relative humidity is so bad that it actually feels as if the air is sticking to your skin. By mid day the temperatures can reach a scorching 90 Fahrenheit or above. Learning from a painful experience, I now know to always wear sun screen if I want to go outside at that time of day. Without it, I will be as red as a tomato that night and in as much pain as if someone was touching me with red-hot pokers. Before the moon comes up and the sun disappears into the magenta horizon, there is usually a period of fifteen to twenty minutes when it pours, cooling everything down.