This essay introduced Taiwan's most important animal---the Taiwanese deer.

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My country Taiwan is well known for its great and diverse possession of animals. However, among this great variety of animals, Taiwanese deer is the most important and unique animal. This beautiful animal saved my ancestors from starvation in their pioneer days, and what's more, it symbolizes the beauty of my country Taiwan.

When my ancestors first came to the Island of Taiwan, they had nothing except a few pieces of clothing and tools. As they were facing hunger, they caught the glimpse of a beautiful deer in silky beige fur and snow-white spots. Astonished at the sight of such a stunning creature, they appreciated God for bestowing them such a precious gift. The deer saved my ancestors from starvation, and hence, my people worship it as the gift from God. Were it not for the Taiwanese deer, my ancestors would not have survived, and I also would not be sitting here writing this essay.

Moreover, Taiwanese deer symbolizes the dazzling beauty of my homeland---the Taiwan Island. Taiwan has been famous for the name "Formosa", which means "beautiful", given by a Portuguese explorer in the1600's. Its beauty is celebrated worldwide. On the other hand, the Taiwanese deer is widely recognized as one of the most beautiful kinds of deer. It acquires silky fur of the color of cedar, covered by little white spots that spread out like stars in the sky. In addition, I can proudly and positively say the only place on Earth where you can find a Taiwanese deer is Taiwan Island. Every characteristic of the deer matches my beautiful homeland perfectly, and the deer is the best representative of my country.

Overall, although there are various animals living in my country, Taiwanese deer is the most important one as it was the food that saved...