This essay is about how Islam views racism. It gives an example on how racism came to be and how it effects society today.

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The list of words which describe racism in our world is endless. According to the Oxford dictionary racism is the "belief in superiority of particular race; antagonism towards other races". From this simple definition comes so much hatred. The belief that one particular race is superior to another, has led to injustice and cruelty against fellow humans. Racism is like a disease. It just spreads from one person to another.

Everyone has their own theory on how racism came to be. Jews may believe that racism started with the expulsion of the Jews from Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 CE. An African American person may believe that racism came from the time when the European took over Africa and the introduction with the slave trade. Each race or even religion can believe in their own theory, but the real theory is the Islamic theory.

The theory on how racism came to be as explained by Islam, goes back to the beginning of mankind's creation.

Before the creation of man Allah had already created the Angels and the Jinn. With the Angels at that time was a Jinn by the name of Iblis. Iblis had lived with the Angels and was very obedient to Allah. Theb Allah created humans. This new creation of Allah was created from clay. The first human to be created was Adam. From him and his wife Hawwa (Eve),we came to be. After his creation, Allah ordered the Angels and those with them to bow down to Adam. Iblis was the one who refused to bow down to Adam. Every angel and jinn except for Iblis bowed down to Adam. Iblis believed he was superior to Adam, because he was made of fire and Adam was made of clay. The other name for Iblis is Shaytan or the Devil. The root of racism comes from the Devil. It was at this time in the history of the world, that racism first came to be. The shaytan was the world's first racist! Ever since Iblis's refusal to bow down to Adam, the world has seen an increase in racism.

As Muslims we know that to defeat racism means to defeat Iblis, the Devil, and to defeat the devil we have to get as many people as we can to follow Islam.