This essay is about Jewish immigration. It is told in a series of diary entries and is very detailed.

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This journal was passed down from many generations ago. It is still not sure who exactly wrote this journal but all that it known for sure is that this young woman was a Jewish immigrant. In this journal you will find out about real life events that happened more than 100 years ago. This diary has been translated to English from Russian.

My Diary

April 10th 1890

I have been planning this trip to Castle Clinton for a while now. Things are extremely rough in Russia and I fear if I stay here any longer something bad will happen to me or the rest of my family. In the past week their have been two different occasions where people have acted violently against random people who practice the Jewish religion. I hadn't even considered myself Jewish outside of the synagogue until mother told me not to go outside like I had done before.

Why do people dislike our religion so much that they kill and act against us? We are forced to wear black clothing just because we are not Christian. I don't understand it. I can't wait till I step foot in America. I wonder if all of the good things I've heard are true. If their are jobs for every man and woman? If people are not persecuted because of their religion or culture? As soon as we have enough money saved up mother will purchase my ticket. I had already packed and placed all my prized possessions in a special bag which I will carry right beside me during the whole trip. I did not even know how long the trip would be. It really didn't matter to me as long as I knew that it was in store for me. I am expecting to miss...