An essay on jewish superstitions and how they negatively effect the jewish community as compared to Teyve the dairyman

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Superstitions have unpleasant effects on the Jewish population regarding the Jewish religion. Jewish people such as Isaac Bashevis Singer's father Pinchos Menachem Singer, a rabbi, believed more strongly in the superstitions that are filled into his head than what the Torah and Pentateuch teach him. One of the end results of the superstitious ways of Pinchos Singer is the belief of superstitions by Itchele. Superstitions have become the backbone for the Jewish religion. In the book A Day of Pleasure , Bathsheba Singer, Pinchos's husband, is a very rational, very realistic, and very skeptical Jewish woman. Jewish tradition teaches that you are not to allow yourself to believe in these superstitious happenings due to the fact that they are from the devil. Pinchos put into Itchele the belief that the sound of the dead geese must mean that the geese are all powerful supernatural beings that are letting their presence be known.

Superstitious beliefs were taught to young Itchele all the time. In his household they spoke of these evil spirits a great deal of times,"On our home there was always talk about spirits of the dead that possess the bodies of living, souls reincarnated as animals, houses inhabited by demons" Singer(39). It is through hearing such discussions in his own house that Itchele learns to believe in these superstitions. There are many wonders in the Jewish religion on how such superstitions could be significant to so many Jewish people. It is very possible that it could be due to the twisting and misinterpretations of philosophers, "During the Middle Ages, Jewish philosophers such as Maimonides taught that evil was the result of human free choice to sin. Sin diverted our moral strength and damaged our intellectual abilities,"(Ariel98).


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