Essay on learning styles

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Essay on learning styles

Kolb et al., 1984 defines learning as "the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience. Knowledge results from the combination of grasping and transforming experience".

There are several studies that describe different learning styles and some have been accompanied with questionnaires as I will discuss below.

The learning styles questionnaire 80 item version by Peter Honey Mumford suggests to help in clarifying one's preferred ways of learning so as to reach a better position to know what suits one and to broaden their learning scope. From attempting it, I was able to relate to my best learning style. My strongest preferences fell into the category of a reflector, as one who likes to think and research and prepare for tasks as a way of learning. To a great extent it describes me closely because in reality I prefer to prepare and ponder on activities and assignments before attempting them, and that helps me to learn better.

(Appendix 1)

Fleming and Mills, VARK questionnaire describes the learning styles slightly differently, as from the results I mainly turned out to be a multimodal (Aural/kinaesthetic) learner (Appendix 2). These results as compared to my realistic preference also relate. For example to learn and understand some subjects I prefer to practice and work out problems from past papers and exercises. From the Aural perspective attending lectures or discussion groups on subjects also helps me to learn different subjects.

David Kolb's Experiential learning theory is one of the most prominent Learning theories that have been used by various theorists to determine the learning preferences for accounting students.

Kolb suggested learning is obtained from a circular four cycle stage and for learning to be effective, each stage should be undertaken by the learner. For example you do something,