This essay is about a logistics company called OPG, this mainly covers a DUTCH (!!!) company though.

Essay by AatA, March 2004

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OPG Group is a retail and distribution company of pharmaceutical products and medical supplies. With around 5,000 employees, they are specialised in pharmaceutical operations and in the pharmacy branch. They have operations in Belgium, Poland, Norway and the Netherlands. OPG aims to use opportunities offered by the healthcare market. In order to realise a successful expansion of the company, they focus mainly on activities targeted directly at the consumer however this does not count for the Rx products which is one of their main money making businesses.

In doing so, they aspire the role of manager of pharmacy chains and of provider of products for home healthcare and related services. They aim to achieve profitable growth by increasing their market penetration and broadening our market positions and by focusing geographically on a limited number of national markets. They have a good financial basis and a good cash flow. Their objectives are keeping the company healthy from an economical point of view and the creation of shareholder value, while at the same time ensuring development opportunities for our employees. They devoted themselves to developing a long-term relationship with their customers and suppliers.

We have chosen for this company because it's a very modern...