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Essay of Lord of the Fly's The book Lord of the Fly's is a story about a group of kids that get stranded on an island and have to survive by themselves. As any group or tribe should, they first picked a leader. That is one of the important aspects needed to live in an uncivilized world, such as a forest. The reason is, people need things such as protection and shelter, which need to be assigned and watched over. Also someone has to have the final word and set down rules. The tribe, with their resources, can make both of these in a short amount of time. The boys in the LOF built shelters and weapons for protection just as the leader told them to. Since most of them worked together, it was done in a short amount of time.

The reason a leader is needed is to keep order.

The group needs to pick a leader that they respect and feel will make the right decisions, like Ralph in the book. The leader has many jobs, for instance; he has to pick the hunters and protectors, and he also picks who will work on the shelters. Everyone should have a job, but someone needs to choose for them. Otherwise the easiest one or the one that is most fun will have too many people and it won't be balanced. All jobs should have as many people as needed, not many extra, because they can work on other things. Also he has to choose who is actually working and who isn't. That is why the tribe has to vote on the leader, because if they choose the wrong person, then the group might not survive.

The hunters have a large role in the tribe. They have to catch the food and they have to protect the group. They should hunt, fish and protect the tribe, but in the book they only hunted the pigs. The hunters thought of it as a game. In reality they should have had shifts at night to protect the tribe, because they had weapons. They also should have been the only ones fishing, because too many kids would just fool around and go swimming. So hunters should have a lot of responsibility, but in this story they didn't.

The people that build the shelter should also have a lot of responsibility, such as building the huts, making the fire, getting the fruit from the trees and also cooking. They should basically do everything that is left from the hunters. So they would be very busy and not have much extra time. In the book LOF they didn't do much. All they did was goof around. Even if the shelters weren't done they still went and played in the water. This shouldn't have happened and the leader, Ralph, should have kept them at work, but they still survived without good shelters.

I have written about the jobs people in the wilderness would need and a slight description of each. I also wrote what the LOF did and didn't have. These jobs can be altered and not as large as I portray. From my experience each of these are needed.