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This is a written report of all of Canada and its many features, like its cultures and its history. It will consist of many things that have to do with the lifestyle of people living in Canada and it is very useful to learn from. It will also include a visual at the end where lots of pictures of Canada are included and it will also give you a brief idea of how Canada looks like from west to east.


Canada consists of four different seasons and they are called winter, summer, autumn, a spring. Winter is the season where the whole of Canada is covered by snow and it turns very cold. The reason behind this is the sun and the earth's tilt. It sometimes gets as cold as -40°C. During winter the part of the earth hold Canada tilts away from the sun so that the light that reaches the part is less concentrated therefore less powerful making the part colder.

Summer is the exact opposite of winter. It becomes so hot in Canada that the temperatures sometimes reach nearly 40°C. This happens when the part on the earth that is holding Canada is tilted towards the Sun. This causes the sun to heavily concentrate its rays toward the northern hemisphere and cause it get very hot. Spring is what most people describe as the perfect weather. It is not too cold and not too hot. This happens because the sun is slightly tilted towards the sun therefore concentrating the sun's rays a bit more and cause it too become a nice warm temperature. Fall is when the weather starts to get a bit colder again and this is because the sun is slightly tilted away from the sun therefore cooling it down. Because of...