This is an essay about Margaret Sanger, the woman who strongly suggested the use of Birth Control

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Margaret Sanger was born on September 14, 1879 in Corning, New York. Little did she know that she would soon be the one who would change the lives of women everywhere. Margaret Sanger was thought of to be a progressive and a racist. She also fit in with paternalists and social Darwinists of her time period. Margaret Sanger devoted her life to educating women and making birth control available to all women throughout the world. The increased quality and longevity of many women and children's lives can be attributed to the dedication and hard work of Margaret Sanger.

To many people, Margaret Sanger was thought to be a progressive. This meant that she was in favor of progress toward better conditions in government and society. "Her immediate aim was to challenge the laws that prevented contraceptive education and the distribution of contraceptive devices. [...] Sanger argued that unless a woman could be the 'absolute mistress of her own body,' all other gains -- suffrage, economic equality, education -- were peripheral."

This was taken from an essay about the Margaret Sanger papers. Sanger was attempting to legalize birth control. This would then ultimately help reduce unwanted births for women. Margaret was a progressive because she was working for a better society. In example, if a poor couple has an unexpected and unwanted baby, they will not have the money to help take proper care of their child, thus possibly corrupting that child. Sanger wanted to prevent this with birth control.

Margaret Sanger fit in with paternalists and social Darwinists in a way. Social Darwinism is the belief of natural selection in a society. Sanger believed that women should be able to control themselves. Natural selection doesn't always work in a way where it can or will benefit that person. Sanger...