This essay is about the marriages in Afghanistan. Their customs and etc.

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Marriages in Afghanistan

As in class we discussed about the marriages in different cultures as well as in

Afghanistan. I interviewed my father about the afghan marriages. The information was quite similar to the discussion we had in class but was detailed.

Marriages are the most interesting and important event in Afghan society and quite similar to the Pakistani marriages. These marriages are very traditional. Marriages are mostly arranged, and love marriages are not appreciated well in society. The parents of both bride and groom manage these arranged marriages.

At first, when the parents of the man, or the man himself choose a young girl, the parents or guardians of the man go to the girl's home and propose the marriage. For the proposal to be accepted, takes a bit of time because the girl's family investigates about the personality, education, status, family, and background of the man. If they accept him, they give a gift to the man's parents to symbolize the agreement.

This gift could be a beautiful and well-decorated tray full of sweets, or a beautiful piece of cloth with a lot of embroidery on it and gold.

The engagement lasts for a couple of months. During the period of the engagement the groom's family bring presents, clothes, and jewelry at Eid (a Muslim holiday) and on the New Year. At New Year traditionally they bring fish. Before marriage, both parents discuss the dowry. How much should the groom's family pay for the bride? Which I don't like about any culture in the world. Because I think dowry as selling one's daughter or sister.

Another celebration is the night just before the wedding. It's called the Night of Henna. On this night the mother or a woman from the bride's family that has a happy...